Saturday, June 25, 2011

T-Minus One Week and Counting...

The exodus to the North is in one week. While I am glad to get out from underneath of the menial servitude of Ms. C., I am bittersweet about returning to Michigan. The moms' are there; the sisterwives are there; and that is about it. I guess the Fates want me to die in the ice and the cold instead of the swealtering heat. Whatevah...

On another note, I have had diarrhea for a week straight, and have been on the pot no less than 5 times in the last 6 hours. Your welcome.

School is getting ready to start back up as well, and I have got to say, this break was much needed this time around. I needed to declutter my head. Of course, that means the novel gets shelved for another 6 months...I may have it done before my Social Security kicks in--wait--what Social Security? I am certain that by the time I hit 68, there will be no Social Security. Whooo Hoooo, can't WAIT!

Hmmmmm, I think I am in a bit of a mood today. Sick of shitting, sick of shit, sick, sick, sick. Blah!


  1. Hi, do I know you from another blog? Your name sounds very familiar to me. Anyway, thank you for your comment you left on my blog. I am going to follow you on these latest adventures.

  2. yup--ES and I did the Self-Sustaining Kitchen. Sadly, ES passed away in December due to her myriad of health problems, and it was just too hard to continue the other blog without stirring up so much stuff...I followed your blog and your journey with both polygamy and cancer, and I admire the heck out of you. Glad that your health is back on track!


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