Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I have been in Florida now for 11days. My Step-mama had surgery last Thursday, and it has been very long week. She has an incredibly low pain threshhold, but a high tolerance to pain meds, which is not condusive to fast recovery. I finally convinced her she needed to get up and walk today, and hallelulia, she did. She managed to walk from about 20 feet or so, and she has done it twice already today, so I feel like progress is finally being made. She has been content to just lay on the sofa, but pretty much any surgeon will tell you, the quicker you get up and get moving the better. I tried to gently explain to her that the reason her legs ached was because she wasn't using them. Dad tends to be not so nice, so I handle her with a softer form of tough love. If she understands the importance without being pushed or belittled, she does much better. I love my dad, but he is a bulldog with zero patience.

I got a call for an interview tomorrow, so I am nervous and excited about that. I am going to let them know that it will be two weeks before I can start, as I am committed to getting my step-mom more independant.

Got to get back in and check on her, so this is a short update.

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