Friday, March 29, 2013

Doing NORMAL stuff again...

Today we did normal stuff:
We weeded, trimmed trees, and mulched.

Our yard has so much sand, it is more like a beach than a yard, but we did manage to salvage some philodendron, schefflera, and a night blooming jasmine.  The rest got yanked up, as they were very unhealthy shrubs.  My plan is to do a container garden--buy cheap terra cotta and plastic pots from yard sales, and plant flowers, veggies and herbs.

It felt nice to be normal.  Happy Easter, y'all!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

...and She Slept.

My hours at work have been excruciatingly long--mostly 11 and 12 hour days, working 6 days a week. When I get home, I am exhausted, achy, and a sweaty mess.  I usually end up bringing odd work home with me as well so I don't have to spend 14 hours of my day at the hotel.

I am feeling my age more than ever now. I am not even 50 (yet), but with God as my witness, I feel like a decrepit old woman by the end of the day.  The one bright spot is coming home to Bud each night.  He greets me at the car door, and takes whatever parcels I need to take in (purse included) so I don't have to carry it. When you have been on your feet the better part of 12 hours, once you sit, you are doomed.  It only takes me 15 minutes to get home, but once my body has stopped moving, it doesn't want to move any more.

I rarely make it to bed before 11pm, and I am up by 6:45. I have learned to get ready for work in 20 minutes, from getting dressed, checking my blood sugar, eating breakfast (which I loathe--never have liked eating first thing in the morning, but it is a necessity with my diabetes), and taking my daily Januvia.  I haven't had any of my other meds in months, but I don't think I need them.  My feet do not swell like they used to, mainly due to the weight loss. My heart pills--well, of course I should be taking them, but can't afford them right now.  I just have a "sluggish" heart--it pumps blood out fast, but it is slow to refill with blood and the blood tends to pool in my heart, increasing my risk of stroke due to blood clots. Yeah, I know--get the damn meds.

I have a job interview this afternoon.  Hoping I get it, as I physically cannot do this job much longer.  The job I am interviewing for is 32 hours a week, with weekends off.  WEEKENDS OFF! Haven't had a job like that in many, many years. It would be nice to get my life back. It would be nice to actually get to spend time with my husband and furry family.

Last night, I got home at about 7:30pm.  Bud had made creamed chicken and biscuits, and it tasted so good!  I had to get my feet up, so he agreed to watch a movie with me in our matching recliners. I took a flexeril to relax my muscles so I could sleep.  We were in bed by 10:30, and I slept.  I slept until 9am. Wonderful, heavenly sleep.  Forgot how much I miss sleep.  Boy, was it much needed!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time to Shave My Legs....

...'cause Bud is on his way! It has been three very LONG months since I have seen my baby. I am beside myself, I am so excited! I have lost 40 pounds, so I am hoping he likes seeing a little "less" of me.

On a side note, my boobs have shrunk! All of my bras are too big--go figure.  At work, I do a lot of bending over, and they fall right out of the top of my bra. Not something for the faint at heart, especially since they aren't young, perky boobies but saggin' old lady boobs.  Sigh.

I am kind of nervous.  You would think after nearly 20 years together, I wouldn't be. But I feel like a teenager right now. Gasp! My husband is going to see me naked! I am really looking forward to the cuddling and closeness and getting all tangled up in each other.  I hate sleeping alone!

See you in three days, baby--and my legs will be silky smooth.  :)

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