Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I have been in Florida now for 11days. My Step-mama had surgery last Thursday, and it has been very long week. She has an incredibly low pain threshhold, but a high tolerance to pain meds, which is not condusive to fast recovery. I finally convinced her she needed to get up and walk today, and hallelulia, she did. She managed to walk from about 20 feet or so, and she has done it twice already today, so I feel like progress is finally being made. She has been content to just lay on the sofa, but pretty much any surgeon will tell you, the quicker you get up and get moving the better. I tried to gently explain to her that the reason her legs ached was because she wasn't using them. Dad tends to be not so nice, so I handle her with a softer form of tough love. If she understands the importance without being pushed or belittled, she does much better. I love my dad, but he is a bulldog with zero patience.

I got a call for an interview tomorrow, so I am nervous and excited about that. I am going to let them know that it will be two weeks before I can start, as I am committed to getting my step-mom more independant.

Got to get back in and check on her, so this is a short update.


  1. D, you are such an incredibly giving and nuturing person! I wish you and Bud well in the upcoming year and hope your new location brings happiness health and prosperity. I hope to start a new blog soon (have to find something to blog about lol) until then I will stop in here and update my existing blog on occasion. When you find the time please tell us how your sister wives took your move; and how you like your new location, etc. Merry Christmas.

  2. Well it's been a hellofayear. Ron broke hip went to hosp for operation, then rehab where no progress, then home for 12 hours and respiratory system crashed, then hospital again for 3 weeks, rehab less than 2 weeks, home. After a week he fell, so I went and got caregiver to help me get him up, R said he broke something, I said didn't look like it to me but nontheless called paramedics, went to two hospital ERs on the 23rd and 24th, and they called Christmas eve and told me to get his caregiver and come get him. So I did. So in a way I guess I am Santa and R is my Christmas present. yuck
    Hope you have a job or a good lead, hope the mom is walking, and the dad is quiet and nice, hope the MIL is better or done for, hope the "good son" is out of country or prepared to put up with her, hope all is well in your world. I love my babies, the BC and Aussie.

  3. BC, you have been through the ringer this year! I sure hope 2013 is the year you get a reprieve and some much needed rest. You have been in caregiver mode so long, and no one is taking care of YOUR needs! It gets so mentally and physically taxing to care for others.

    Is there anything I can do to help, my friend? It breaks my heart that you have been in constant crisis mode with Ron. You deserve a medal. It makes my bitchin' and moanin' seem trivial!

    No luck yet on the job hunt, but I am determined. I am missing hubby like crazy, though. It has been five long weeks since I have seen him other than on Skype last night.

    Ladies, I think 2013 should be OUR year, dang it!

  4. Dang straight it ought to be our year. Caregiver mode is here to stay I guess, and life is just messed up. You have been in caregiver mode for oh so long yourself, including now, and yet have so much get up go left in you. You get so much done in between it's astounding. You've cared for the friends, the mil, the other wife, and on and on. God bless you. I think I'll be like new#3 and be left to care for myself when I need help and comfort of the soul. We all are our own strength. Blessings to you.


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