Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day to Ourselves

Hubby and I had a much needed day away. We got a room at a motel in Columbus, left the house around noon, and didn't return until noon the yesterday.

We shopped, we ate a wonderful supper with about 100 other hungry people, snuggled, watch some Big Love, took long soaks in the tub, and SLEPT. Didn't get to sleep in like I wanted, but the bed was HEAVEN--soooooooo comfortable. Didn't wake up achey and stiff like I usually do on the mattress from Hell that we are sleeping on now.

Thank you, my darling, for a wonderful day away!

And more good news: the heart surgeon cut Ms. Carol loose yesterday! She is allowed to drive now, so no more toting her around to appointments. YAY! She get the stitches out tomorrow, and hopefully will be given the thumbs up to do whatever activity she wants.

Mr. Mike got toasted last night. Fell down twice, knocking off a big chunk of skin in the meantime. Mr. Mike does like his beer....

New semester started, and I am hoping that I do better this semester than I did last semester (more later when I get my official grades).

Happy Fat Tuesday, Y'all!!!!!!!

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