Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Must Have the Plague...

Still sick. This sucks much...
The only thing that seems to quell the cough is Nyquil cough, and it made me puke last night, so no more Nyquil (snif!).

I honsestly want to just spend a day in bed and be done with this shit. But that ain't gonna happen...

Hubby, bless his heart, has been a saint. I didn't sleep for crap again yesterday (nor tonight, as the 5am post may hint at), so Bud let me go back to bed after I ran him to the doctor for his blood draw. He made breakfast, did wash, and even did shitty diaper duty. Saint Bud. I love him so!

Last week of this school semester. I had high hopes of having everything done by Friday, but that ain't gonna happen. I need to get out of the sickie fog.


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