Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rediculously Simple Chicken Tenders

I get rave reviews on these every time that I make them, and I just scratch my head, because they are so easy, it is embarassing. I made them tonight, and I think it was the best MIL has eaten since the surgery. She ate two whole strips--may not seem like a lot, but in her case, it is a lot more than she has been eating.

Ready for the ingredients? Here goes!

Chicken Tenders

12 chicken tenderloins

1 package saltines, crushed

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

In a 12 inch skillet, heat one inch of vegetable oil. Roll the tenderloins in the saltines/salt/pepper mixure. Fry the tenderloins until a deep golden brown on each side, about 8-10 minutes. Drain on paper towel.

That's it! Too, too simple. But for some reason, these always get high marks when I serve them. Sometimes, simple is the best.

1 comment:

  1. oh yummy!! You have made me hungry! I make something similar except use seasoned bread crumbs (if I don't have enough I mix with cracker crumbs) and dip the chicken in beaten egg. Yours sounds much simpler and just as good, maybe better!


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