Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spoke too soon...

MIL is back in the hospital. The visiting nurse came yesterday afternoon to see how she was doing, and upon taking her vitals, noted her heart rate was pushing 140. She gave her a blood pressure pill and we waited another half hour, but it didn't go down, and the nurse called 911 to get an ambulance out for transport back to Borgess.

Needless to say, MIL was depressed, scared, angry--you name it. She did NOT want to go, and we had to lay it on the line for her that she could have another heart attack if she didn't get treatment.

We went to visit her today, and she is still in a very foul mood. Understandable, after having just been released. Her blood was dangerously thin, so they gave her a plasma transfusion to thicken it up. She is on a drug that is supposed to get her heart back into a steady sinus rhythm. Once they achieve a steady rhythm, they will let her come home.

Bud us staying up at the hospital with her, and I came home to tend to the dogs and cat, and get my schoolwork done (horribly behind once again due to all the back and forth to the hospital).

It will get better! It is a very blustery autumn day, and the wind is howling quite loudly at the moment. At least the sun decided to peek out a few moments ago! As I looked out the window, a convoy of classic Volkswagen Bugs, Beetles, and Microbuses were passing by. Never seen so many different colors! One looked just like Herbie the LoveBug. Too cute!

Off to tackle the mountain of schoolwork I have to do.


  1. Sorry to hear the news about mom's condition. It must be hard on her and of course on both of you too since you have to go back and forth to the hospital and taking care of the errands at home. Wish there's more hands helping you guys and I felt bad for not being able to do anything except to pray hard and think about you guys. Well, I hope the sun will shine for all three of you and rainbow coming your way, sooner than later. Cos' you three need a dose of sunshine in the midst of all these. Stay strong sis!

  2. Sorry to hear she's back in the hospital, but at least you know she's getting the medical attention she needs. Keep steady and strong, you are like a rock.

  3. Thanks, ladies. MIL is back home, but now she is having issues with swelling and drainage at the vein harvest site on her upper thigh.

    They have ordered a wound vac to get it cleaned out, and they will go from there. She is tired--very, very tired. She has zero appetite and only eats a bite or two and just can't eat any more, but we are trying to get her to eat several times a day to compensate--seems to be helping.

    Busy, busy, busy. Will post again soon. Just wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement and support!

    I have been having blogger issues, and it wouldn't let me post comments until today...


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