Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clawing My Way Back to the Land of the Living

In an effort to "stabilize", I have been trying to do more outside these days.  I planted strawberries (I won! MIL conceded and allowed me to plant them where I wanted to in the first place.), morning glories along the fence row, honeysuckle and jasmine alone the other fence row, butterfly bushes, hummingbird way to keep busy and not fall into a pit of madness.

I hung hummingbird feeders over a month ago, and we finally had our first visitor yesterday. He looked like this one:
I couldn't grab the camera fast enough to get a picture.
He sure was a pretty one, though! I don't know if it was a scout or not, I just hope he gets the word out that we are feeding his kind!

It is going to be a bad year for ticks.  I have already pulled three off of me in the last two days--not a good start. Need to start the dogs on Frontline asap!

Still no job, and I still have hemorrhoids, if anyone is keeping track.  Lordy, why does aging have to be so undignified at times?

I am heading out now to enjoy the last of the sunlight and see if I can catch another glimpse of hummingbirds.
Sorry I have been in such a negative funk. I know things will get better eventually--they always do.


  1. Snap out of it D!!! You are an amazing, intelligent, accomplished woman...but my friend I fear you "knock" yourself too much. Of course easy for me to say lol..I know what it's like to fall in to a funk of darkness, depression and despair even. It stinks to put it nicely.Sometimes I think these phases happen purposely to slow us down. Like our biology telling us hey you, too much on the proverbial plate, lighten up! Sometimes I think some of us just come by these things naturally. Gardening is a great way to push through it.. Good job! I just planted herbs. Well, sort of. My son had me start them in seed pods and most of them didn't sprout :( None of the lavender came up so I treated myself too 5 lavender plants yesterday...small ones but still an extravagance. I should look for a small jasmine.

    D, I hope you are feeling more up to snuff soon. It's tough being jobless, I know.

    Did you take that photograph? It's lovely :)

  2. I hate to tell you, but you seem to be doing better than me, and in a better mood, and certainly have more energy and joy in life.

    Ticks, yuck. I have done many dog activities like herding and avoided ticks. I've thought of moving to N. Carolina when I am alone, but every time I think of ticks and chiggers I kind of lose interest. I keep my own property sprayed, but I can control it here.

    I'd like to get a humming bird feeder or 2. In Sacramento I put up a little finch feeder outside my bedroom window and had the most delightful and colorful little visitors. They had disagreements from time to time, and spilled more than they ate. There are no pretty finches around here. Don't know why. I have one or two birds who investigate an old birdhouse outside the kitchen. Mostly we have crows.

    I never planted any strawberry or tomato this year. As I indicated, I'm beyond yuck. Ron finally got home from hospital then back in again 3 times in the time he's been back. A not breathing incident and a problem with the defibillator shocking him 7 times in 10 minutes. The paramedics on one call unplugged everything in bedroom causing me to get flashlight and sharp thing to retrieve cord and twist around to plug stuff back in behind bed. So the same paramedics didn't come out the next time but they did the third time and I read them the riot act. Good god, make things difficult will they. Hubby can't breathe with machine unplugged and they unplug that which is the most difficult to get to. Oh well. Life. Yippee.

  3. You are an inspiration. I bought a hummingbird feeder and a food sock for finches. Did not hang them yet. May take another few weeks of depression to do that.

  4. I'm no inspiration. I spent the entirety of yesterday in bed. the upper left quadrant of my body just aches. In fact, I have to type one handed, and I'm a south-paw!

    MIL was very simpathetic--instead of asking how I was, she says, "So, what's wrong with you?" Can ya feel the love?"

    Don't know what the hell is up, but I had better get better soon, as it obviously annoys her that I have no visible symptoms. sigh. Suck it up!

  5. I'm telling you girl, we need to get out of town for a few days.


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