Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time to Shave My Legs....

...'cause Bud is on his way! It has been three very LONG months since I have seen my baby. I am beside myself, I am so excited! I have lost 40 pounds, so I am hoping he likes seeing a little "less" of me.

On a side note, my boobs have shrunk! All of my bras are too big--go figure.  At work, I do a lot of bending over, and they fall right out of the top of my bra. Not something for the faint at heart, especially since they aren't young, perky boobies but saggin' old lady boobs.  Sigh.

I am kind of nervous.  You would think after nearly 20 years together, I wouldn't be. But I feel like a teenager right now. Gasp! My husband is going to see me naked! I am really looking forward to the cuddling and closeness and getting all tangled up in each other.  I hate sleeping alone!

See you in three days, baby--and my legs will be silky smooth.  :)


  1. Great to see your post. I'm going to get my boobs squeezed today. Then my bff from high school is coming in the afternoon for a few days. I have people here every day trying to put this place is not falling down shape, like fixing the worst of the roof, getting the bathrooms fixed and replacing the toilets so that when you flush the stuff actually goes away. What a pleasure! Be gone, stuff, see you later.


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