Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Been a While...

Yes, I have used the hummingbird picture before, but hey, it is only because I wanted to announce that we have hummingbirds!  YAY!!!!! They make me very happy.  I think if I have a totem, it is a hummingbird for sure. It is the one creature on this earth that consistently makes me smile and lifts my spirits.

Wish I had something earth-shattering to share, but I really don't.  I did want to hear how BC and New#3 were faring these days. It has been a while, ladies!

All that weight I lost? Yeah, I found it again.  I do like my new job, and the hours are awesome.  Makes up live extremely lean, though (how do you gain weight when you have no money for groceries? I have to figure that one out...)

It is July in Florida, which means it will hit 90 degrees every single day, and it will rain--if only for a few minutes--every afternoon.  It is hotter elsewhere, so I am not complaining one bit!  And the sun--oh, how I love sunny days. Sunshine does my soul good.

Just had a visit from MIL and our nephew, Jack. They stayed with us a week in our tiny little house with one bathroom (no tub, just a shower, and a small one at that). There really isn't a lot to do in the summer, so I felt bad that I couldn't entertain them more, plus, with work...and limited finances...sigh.  Not sure either of them really had a good time. I think they were both antsy to go home, to tell you the truth. It took over a month to recover financially from the visit--we spent money that was earmarked for bills, so we are playing catch-up.

We have been trying to get karaoke gigs for extra income, but everyone already has entertainment or karaoke, so no luck in that arena. We did find a great bar, however, which is owned by a fella who is a professional DJ, and my oh my, does he have a nice system! His selection is over the top! And, his bar is very nice--bathrooms were even clean!

Cooking for my Step-mama and another nephew who is visiting tonight.  I like to entertain!  Not sure what all I will make, but it will be a spread!

Speaking of, I best get my bootie around and get the no-bakes done that I was bringing.

Hope to hear from my buddies!



  1. D! You sound great! I hope you have read my latest posts...not earth shattering but they are what they are.

    The heat here is terrible too..and not normal for the northeast. Although I seem to remember other Julys that were hot hot hot. Been in the upper 90s all week and the air is like soup.

    I haven't heard from BC in a while and am a little concerned. I'm hoping she is just too busy living her life.

    By the way now that I am slightly more financially solvent (notice the slightly) can you point me in the direction of your book again? Can I upload it on my sister's kindle do you know?

    Things here are tense only because my youngest and his life partner are at odds with each other again, and they may soon be evicted from their place. Other than that life is pretty good. The beach isn't too far and my grandchildren light my life.

    As for the past...I don't even know what to say.

    hugs and so glad you posted!

  2. So good to hear from you! I go and check your blog every few days, hoping you will post--I am glad that you finally did! I am sorry that the adjustment to being alone has been a hard one for you. When I was here in this house alone, I had the tv going too, just to have some noise in the house. It was just too quiet!

    I am glad to hear you are doing a little bit better financially. I know, every dime counts! We are living paycheck to paycheck, but I know we are still better off than most, so I am not going to complain about it.

    I am about half way done with my second book, but after re-reading what I wrote, I am going to have to do a major overhaul to make it "readable". It reads more like a diary than a book right now...

    Yes, the first book is available on kindle. You are so sweet to want to read it! As you know, it is a work of fiction, and as such, it is over-the-top fantasy in some places.

    In August, it will have been on Amazon for a year. I sell about 20 downloads a month, and make about $2 per download. It's gas money! :) and hey, I am just tickled that ANYBODY is reading it! Here is the link:

    Funny, we were scorching hot in June, and now that it is July, we have been cooler (relatively speaking. This is Florida, for cryin' out loud!) Right now, it is a beautimus 72 degrees--can you believe it? Bud's mom said she could never live here because of the heat and humidity, but it is hotter in Michigan right now! I'll take Florida and no shoveling snow over Michigan and 5 months of winter anyday!

    Sooooooooooooo good to have you posting again! Yay! I've missed you!

    hugs right back,

  3. Hi I'd given up my habit of looking frequently for you and Journey. But blasted by a few days ago, didn't stay to read because of getting ready to leave town, left town, got sick to stomach, still am. Setting up doc appts and trying to avoid hospital but can't stop the vomiting. More another time on that.
    I hope Journey looks here because I can't get my comments to post at her site. I made her aware of that, but just want her to really know I like her posts and am not ignoring her at all.
    I'm not going to comment more now because I am still ill, and you know how that is.

  4. So sorry you have been sick! I hope it is nothing serious...I know I have not been posting very much.

    Feel better soon, and fill us in on what has been going on with you!



  5. Mikey is signed up for DogTV. Started on DirectTV Aug 1 for a 2 week trial, so he's got it by golly. TV designed for dogs from their point of view. He's always loved TV especially NatGeoWild and sometimes I tell him I'm changing the channel, I can't stunt to see another gazelle get eaten by a lion, slowly.

  6. LOL BC! I know what you mean. Sorry to hear you are sick :( By the way, I published your last comment, so keep trying. I will try to keep writing. Love you both.


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