Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Over Achiever

I stole this image from someone else's blog, but it pretty much sums up my particular psychosis. I always feel the need to push myself, make myself indispensable, etc.

I found myself doing it yet again at work today.  In the short time I have been there, I have noted that the other 4 office managers at the other locations are calling me/e-mailing me with questions. Hell-ooooo--I'm the new kid on the block, remember? If they need a document created, they call me; can't figure out how to do something in our data base? Call me.

Today Dr. Hooper gave me not one, not two, but THREE projects to tackle. I am not any less busy than the other offices; in fact, summer is the slow season, and I have managed to keep the Dr. booked--yay me!
The general manager also has been dumping projects on me. I don't mind--I like being the go-to person. Thank goodness I am an hourly employee now. When I was salaried, oy-vey, did they get their money's worth out of me! I would put in ridiculous hours--little Miss Overachiever, at your service.

I actually sat here tonight, off the clock, and did one of the projects. It could have waited until tomorrow, but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I did it.  Obsessive much? Nah, not me!

Same deal with book writing.  You would think one was enough, but as I was writing the first, I thought, "gee, wouldn't it be cool if each wife got to give their perspective?" So that was why I started book number two, and I already have an outline in my head for book number three...

I. AM. SO. NEUROTIC! I am who I am, I guess. I actually get a little bit anxious if I am not "the go-to person".  Seriously, I have a problem!

Some of my neurotic (obsessive) behavior has evolved or outright disappeared over the years. I used to be a fanatical housekeeper. HA! That seems like a whole different person now. I had to have everything in its place. There could not be a single dirty dish left in the sink. Clothes never, ever got left on the floor or hung over a chair. Boy oh boy, THAT has changed! Heck, I leave my bras hanging from every chair and doorknob available! And we have a dishwasher, but I still manage to leave dirty dishes every night.

I also used to be Superwife with a capital S. I pampered Bud to the point of suffocation to assure his every need was met, from wonderful meals (baked desserts included), back rubs, picking up after him, fetching him coffee or water, etc, etc, etc. I even would scrub his back when he was in the tub. I am sure Bud is wondering where THAT wife went...

Now, supper, if he is lucky, has more than one entree, I will give him back rubs once in a blue moon, and he waits on me much more than I wait on him. What the heck happened? Hmmmmm

I spend WAYYYYYYYY too much time on the Internet, and too little time taking care of hubby and the house. I know this. And half of it is spent playing Candy Crush and Scrabble! I need an intervention...


  1. Candy Crush! Scrabble! How about Scramble? Good golly Miss Dolly (LOL) you are not alone with those addictions. Frankly, I tell myself hey it could be a good deal worse....vodka martini anyone? I do it because I live alone (or so I tell myself). Others because they need a distraction from their troubles (who doesn't?) So don't fret.As long as no one is calling the Clean Police your house will get cleaned when you have time...and remember, you are writing your second novel!! What an accomplishment!

  2. Overachieving has paid off: got a bonus check out of the blue. SCORE! We really needed the money, and it made my day. :)

  3. I'm not improving much. Bought a bunch of books, good ones, didn't read them. On line currently looking at tv and then going to TWop or other blogs and commenting. It's my current fun thing. Patches is in pain at 14 and a half so give her many pills but staying away from the cortisone and so one. Had them at a Bouvier dog show last weekend and Patches was delighted to go through the tunnel and weave poles, mouth open in almost a smile and ears up all happy. She took me for a very long walk as well. Then they had a raffle and Mikey won an elevated food and drink bowl and knew it, for he went to the table an put his paws on it and stayed right next to his prize. He knows, that little monkey. Patch was in a lot of pain at night so that's when we do the pain pills. It is less severe than it was a oouple of weeks ago. Well my back sucks as well and my sister seems to think if you just do plenty of vigorous exercise for a couple of hours a day, you'd not have the problem. Yeah, right.


  4. good to hear from you, BC! Sounds like you got in some quality time with your furry babies. One of our pooches is getting arthritic, but doesn't appear to be in pain--just moves slower and slower, and you can see she is getting quite bow-legged in front, knock-kneed in back.

    I feel ya with back issues. I spent an aweful lot of time on heating pads and slathered in bengay. I have good days and bad days. Today wasn't a good one, but I have had worse, so I am counting my blessings!

    Keep us posted!

  5. D, I had a boss who used to say: "If you need something done, give it to a busy person." Busy people are busy because that's the way they are and they get things done. People not so busy..um lol

  6. Where have you been? I miss reading your blog :(


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