Sunday, September 1, 2013

Holy Fly-bys, Batman!

This summer has literally flown by. I can't believe it is September already--SEPTEMBER! It is hotter than Hades here, so for at least another few weeks, it sure won't feel any different. But there are subtle differences.  For instance, it is still dark out when my alarm goes off in the morning. It was like one morning, the sun was streaming through the lace curtains, and then BAM! total darkness the next morning.

School buses are back on the roads, too--a sure sign that we are heading into the fall and winter season. Not that I mind--the weather is very agreeable here in the fall and winter. When it gets over 90 degrees here, it is too much for me. I love the 70s and 80s--not a big fan of 90 degrees and above.

It is has been an unusual weather season here all around.  We hit triple digits in June here, and were consistently over the 95 mark for three weeks--unreal.  And while an afternoon shower is normal here in the summer, we got rain, rain, and more rain!  We had been in draught here so long, the aquifers couldn't fill fast enough. The lakes look great, as do lawns.  Can't keep up with the grass!  It gets mowed one day, and two days later, it is going to seed!

NOT complaining. It will take a few years to get used to the heat. I am sure in no time, I will be like my grandmother who wore sweaters in the summer and complained when we turned the air conditioning on. She got so used to the Florida sun and heat that anything under 80 degrees was COLD.  HA!

Our dogs are nuts. They insist on finding the hottest patch of cement or brick to lay on in this heat.  They lay there panting, but seem content to be in the sun.  In the meantime, Bud and I are melting...right now, we are worshipping the gods of air conditioning. We walk in the house and always let out a big, "AAAAHHHHHH!" It is mandatory.

I have a four day weekend due to Labor Day. We are feeling a bit claustrophobic at the moment, as we are dead broke and therefore are pretty much stuck here all weekend. Too hot to go out for very long, so we sleep--a lot.  I cleaned house yesterday, did three loads of wash--it helped pass the time.  I plan on doing some ironing later (if we ever win the lotto, I will gladly pay someone else to do this chore, as I loathe ironing. I used to love it, but now? Not so much...)

I am making a big pot of homemade beef and noodles for my lover.  He is worth the effort, and it gave me something useful to do today. I should be writing, but I just don't feel like it.  Sigh.  The West women are in France right now, and that is where I left them--hope they are having fun! The next segment of the book is going to be rough on them, so I guess they better enjoy themselves while they can.

The sun is on the west side of the house right now, so the glare is making it impossible to really see my screen.  Hope I am not just typing a bunch of random characters...

Goodbye, summer 2013, hello cooler temps!


  1. I live in a little pocket of LA County that stays fine most of the year. 5 miles away it is often 10-15 degrees hotter, so although I don't like it here I'm loathe to move because of the temperature. I also have noticed the days being shorter already and dread it.

    Patches, Mikey, and I were invited to a once-a-month invitation only event at the Ritz Carlton, Dana Point. They have from 5 to 7 pm, a "yappers" event where the waiters serve doggie cupcakes and doggie drinks. Patches and Mikey are looking forward to it. They have to drag me along just for the ride!

  2. Aw, how cute! And at the Ritz Carlton no less! Hope you took pics of your pooches to share. :)

  3. The evenings here are way too cool already :( but as long as it doesn't snow I'm happy! lol..I'm so glad you're blogging again! Didn't know you were writing another novel..yay!

  4. sooooooooo I started reading Mr and Mrs and Mrs West!!! It's such delightful reading I would have finished it by now except that I am babysitting everyday at this point; and when I get home I'm pooped. Go on the computer for a little time; and then pick up the kindle and before I know it I can't sit up straight! I just started though and I'm at the point of the decision to court. Your style is remarklably refreshing and I am intrigued :) I'll confess I wish I knew how much was factual and how much fiction and which parts lol. Good job D~

  5. awwwwww, thanks! The characters are a compilation of K, S, ES and myself--each character has traits of each of us, so no one character is one person. There is a little truth woven in to a lot of fantasy--ony WE know which parts are from real experience. ;)

    It is definitely over-the-top, and I through in a lot of sex, which has garnered either a lot of praise or a lot of negative feedback. To be fair, I do warn readers right up front that there are sexually explicit situations in the book. Heck, you can read HUGE portions of the book at Amazon before you download it, so you can pretty much get the gist fo it.

    I am hoping to have the second book done before Thanksgiving. ***SPOILER*** I explore the dynamics when Sam has a heart attack and how it affects the family--obviously using a lot of the real-life episodes from my experiences.

    I had to laugh. One fellow commented on a story line that he called "farsical"--it was actually one that was taken directly from our own experience!

    Anyhoo, enjoy the read. It is definitely not a literary masterpiece, but I got to check one more thing off my bucket list!

  6. Hey New#3,

    I don't even know what is fiction and what is fact...and I was there! I so much enjoyed my wife's first novel and look forward to the next one. So happy you are reading it and glad to hear from you!


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