Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Valleys, Peaks and Plateaus

The astute reader will instantly know that I am referring to weight loss trials and tribulations. My peak weight is now behind me; for a while, I have never been close to the valley (ideal weight), unless you count 8th-10th grades; I have hit one of the blasted plateaus.

I didn't lose one dang ounce this month. I am irritated with myself, as I went over calories 19 times in the last 30 days. Stress eating is a killer, I tell ya. Four of the 19 days were just in the last week. Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that we are broke, could it?

On the upside, hubby and I got a last minute call for a karaoke gig. Of course, we jumped on it. Mind you, I only had 4 hours sleep on the previous evening, and I was already yawning when the call came. I am so glad we did it, as we got paid way, way more than we would have charged. That was a nice perk this week. We were able to fill the van with gas, buy some much-needed items, as we still have money in our pockets! Bud was able to take MIL out to eat Sunday so I could get homework and midterms done (thanks, hubby!), and we are taking her out again tomorrow after we take Bud's cousin (the one he donated a kidney to) to an appointment.

One of my SWs is in the hospital with influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia. They couldn't get her oxygen in the "safe" zone, so they are giving her oxygen and steroids so she can breath better. Doesn't help that she suffers from asthma...

Hubby has a "to-do"list a half-mile long that he has imposed on himself. Well, semi-imposed. Some are things his mom wants done and that he agreed to do. Staying busy is a good thing, though.

Speaking of valleys, peaks and plateaus, I hope we get out of this valley of dept, find the highest peak, and plateau there for a while so we can actually NOT have financial stress for a while. It is something we would both like to experience once before we die, anyway...


  1. One of your SWs? I'm confused!! BTW I think you can watch episodes of the show on the internet.

  2. yup. K is Bud's common law wife. They have had a relationship for twice as long as Bud and I (we celebrated our 17th anniversary on Saturday). My other sisterwife is Bud's second wife. Though they divorced, they still maintain a relationship with each other. I am number 3, and ES was number 4. I personally hate being numbered, though. We are each wives, but we have not been able to live under one roof (except for ES and I). We did look for a place that all 5 of us could live, once upon a time, but the relationship between ES and I had deteriorated, and she passed only a few months later.

    I still fantacize about the 4 of us living together, though I believe that might put poor Bud over the edge!

  3. How did you get to be the lucky one (I think, lol) that gets to live with Bud and MIL? Just tell me to zip it if these questions get too personal.
    How often does he see K and the second wife? Do you really get along with the others just fine? I can't believe I read your old blog and never realized this lol...my brain is like a sieve, sorry.

  4. We saw S (the second wife) just yesterday; we will see K at the hospital tomorrow, and we will all be waiting on pins and needles until MIL is out of surgery.

    Yes, I really DO get along with the others just fine. I loved ES, but she was such a strong personality and so dominating that I lost myself in her shadow. It was not her fault--I let myself feel small and weak.

    I am not sure how I got to be the lucky one. As I said, we seriously looked to find a place big enough for all of us at one time. K, S, and I are all very independant women. We love each other's company, but we also love our space as well. S is very creative and artistic. She has a true green thumb and is happiest on her hands and knees with shears, pulling weeds and planting flowers. K is also artistic and very gifted musically, but she is also a diva and likes the center of attention. She and S (not to be confused with ES!) have lived under one roof on and off now over the years. They are pretty co-dependent on one another, unfortunately, and when the two of them are together, they do not make wise choices.

    If we won the lotto, the ideal arrangement would be three homes on one property, where we could all be close and spend time with one another every day, but also have our our living space.

    I am the "baby" at 46. S is 66, and K turned 50 this year. Oddly, at times, I think I am the most grown up of the three of us--but I also the one who is the most emotional (K is emotional, but more in a drama queen fashion). I tend to be more of a martyr (ES hated that about me), and S is the one who always needs to analyze everything. When we get together, we are either all laughing or all crying, or both!

    At the rate we are going, we will all end up together in a nursing home! LOL

    I will talk more about the other wives in future posts. The one thing we all have in common is our love of Bud. When he had his last heart attack, we were all at the ICU to visit him. When the nurse came and asked us who we were, we each said, "Bud's wife". Love shocking people like that....

  5. So, Bud doesn't divide his time between the three of you and they are not jealous? That's amazing! Or maybe I'm wrong and he does. Whatever it is it seems to work for you :)


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