Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My mind is going in 101 directions today. This is midterm week, but I find myself distracted by our new venture, Fit 2 Be Tied.  There are soooooooo many projects I want to get started on, but I don't dare with 5 more weeks of school.  I also want to finish my novel.  Haven't worked on it for 5 friggin' months. Grrrrrr!

Took some of our crafts into a consignment shop today. Seemed to get a good reception from customers who were looking at the items before they were even tagged for display. Finger's crossed!

While we were in town, I took MIL shopping for the makings of mince meat pie (ugh!).  I have a food addiction, but that is not on my list of favorites, not by a long shot.  I can't get past the suet. Just thinking about it gets my gag reflex going. I get the same reflex thinking about lard.  Many people swear by it, but if I know something has lard in it (like a pie crust), it makes me queasy.  Just can't get past the fact that it is animal fat! Strange, I I was going to turn into the strip mall where Kroger's is, I realized too late that I was heading in to the "exit" lane and not the "entrance" lane. There was a car coming out, and the eyes of the woman driving the other car were as wide as saucers. I swerved back out into oncoming traffic and skirted the edge of the curb until I could turn into the "correct" entrance.  By then, MIL was laughing her ass off!  I mean, total lunatic laugh! She was still laughing 30 minutes later.  I told her since she enjoyed near death experiences so much, I was going to drive blindfolded next time...

I intended to spend the whole day doing homework, but maybe managed to get 4 hours worth done. I will tackle more as soon as I post this, as I am not focused enough at the  moment to put my head back in a book...

I am not sure, but I think I have cornered the market on dot-dot-dots...

Until next

1 comment:

  1. lol...I have to say that was entertaining!!
    Agree with you on the mincemeat, yuck!

    D, you have a ton of stuff on your plate, stop beating yourself up! My goodness, 4 hours of homework? You should feel accomplished!

    A novel? LOL omg, mine is still inside my head, actually two of them. Not one word on paper and it's been years. Although I did write 3 chapters of a nonfiction book a couple of years ago, right before getting sick, only to lose them in a computer rebuild about 6 months ago.

    Crafts to the consignment shop?? go girl! That is awesome!

    Now cut out the self flagellation and pat yourself on the back :)


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