Sunday, November 6, 2011

We are in Business!

We went to our first arts and crafts bazaar in the big burg of Burr Oak, population of approximately 800 people. I think all 800 came to the bazaar.

They had a breakfast available, and I think we were the first served, as we got there 20 minutes early. I was remiss to not bring my camera, but a friend took pics and will be sending them to us shortly.

We really didn't sell much: 2 necktielace sets, 1 mirror, 2 boutonnieres, 1 hair clip, and 1 headband.  What we DID accomplish, however, was lots of interest in our unique items.  As people began looking at our things, we watched as smiles crossed their faces. I am guessing several crafty people will go home and try to duplicate our items themselves. That's okay--that is what crafty people do. They take ideas and inspiration from things others have crafted.

Etsy is almost up and running. Just getting the paypal and cart/checkout straightened out, then I can start listing our things.  YAY!

Have got the other blog up and running as well, but again, still working on getting the paypal/cart/checkout going.  I posted our very first item on the site--horrible picture, as we have a crappy camera, and MIL's is broken.  Bummer!

Got a TON of homework to do, so I am off to tackle the mountain.  Only 6 more weeks--woohoo!


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