Friday, January 20, 2012


I have plastered this section of the state with applications and resumes. I got my first "official" rejection letter today. Sadly, most businesses do not have the common courtesy to let applicants know they have not been selected. Most of them state they save money by not sending out rejection letters. I know when I was a manager, I told each and every candidate I interviewed that I would call them, regardless if I hired them or not. I figure it is the very least an employer can do. I have been on the other end, and I know what waiting can be like.

I am still going to substitute teach as soon as the background check comes back and I get the go-ahead to start accepting substitute slots. NOT looking forward to driving to the very rural school districts in Michigan winter. UGH!

The only thing with substitute teaching is it is not a sure gig. Some weeks, I may work 5 days, some, I may not work any. The network is built so that those who have established themselves as trustworthy subs get called first. Since I am a newbie, I am quite a way down the calling list. Still, it is something. It is income, and it is doing something worthwhile. MIL says there is no way she would ever step foot in a classroom; I, however, have always loved education. I love seeing the spark when a child grasps a concept and the confidence it builds.

Even when I was a high school student, I volunteered a free period to be a student cadet teacher, as they were called. I got to go down to the elementary and middle school (schools were all on the same campus) and help a teacher for an hour. Many times, it was to the elementary school to help kids struggling with reading; sometimes, it was helping middle school students struggling with math.

As an adult, I volunteered in my son's elementary and middle school. For those who don't know what a middle school is, it is essentially upper elementary combined with junior high--usually 5th through 8th grades. My son has socialization and behavioural issues due to mental illnesses. Being in his classroom often helped keep him focused and stabilized. Part of the problem, we learned, was my son is very intelligent and was not being challenged. He instead used his energy to act out. I think dealing with the challenged of raising my son helped prepare me for the challenges that lay ahead in the classroom.

I just know that I am getting ants in the pants because of our finances. I need to be generating income ASAP. I can see how stressed out my hubby is due to money. That and dealing with winter (4-7 inches due tonight) is depressing both of us.

I am still putting out applications on a daily basis. Someone will hire me at some point. It is the waiting that is killing me...


  1. Glad to see your positive outlook D...keep it up! You will get hired, you are smart, educated and worthy. Good luck to you.

  2. Just thought I'd meander over and say hi. So you are now as a unit, you & husband & MIL only?
    I had a little teaching experience at secondary level. Not the happiest time. Thought I'd do it when I had to retire, which I did because of husband's health and mother's health, but have not been able to. First, have had 2 years of driving others to doctors appts often 4 days a week and second, I'm an insomniac now really bad, and third, I'd still hate it though could manage a couple days a week but you have to be available all 5. If the school secretary likes you, you'll get requested a lot. So make friends with that key person. I've clearly liked other jobs better, but we really need money. However I can't right now. And now I'm really getting old. And tired of driving!

  3. OMG I just looked at an old post of yours and saw you were born a poly too? Where, which, and how many? Do you still have them? I was extra thumb right hand.

    When I took husband for one of his surgeries I saw a couple in the waiting room with their baby who was going in to get a couple of extra toes removed. You just don't see it often.


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