Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We are slowly settling in to new routine here with K and B. K has been in Bud's life since he was a teenager, and she has been a part of my life for almost 19 years(!)--man time flies...Bud has known B almost as long as he has known K. The three of them were almost inseparable back in the day.

While K has been in my life as long as Bud, this is the first time we have actually lived under one roof. We have talked about it at length over the years: Bud, K, S and I living under one roof. We actually looked for a house on and off over the years that would afford us each our own space, yet ample common area to share.

Things have been fine, if not hectic. With K's car dying two days after we arrived, we have found ourselves without a car some days, like today. She works part time, but two days a week, it is an 8 hour day. We were home alone all day today--and it was nice! After living with MIL, it is nice to be able to hang with my hubby without feeling pressure.

Last night, K wanted to sing (one of her gifts). I was tired, and the dogs don't like the loud music, so we sacked out in the bedroom and Bud helped K run and adjust the equipment.  It is still new, so I don't know how things will be down the road, but I do feel like a whole layer of stress and expectation has been lifted. I have been cooking dinner, and K and B are THRILLED to come home to meals hot and ready to eat.  And they like veggies (well, K more than B, but they both loved the zucchini and cabbage I did on the grill day before last; Bud wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole!)

Bud's second wife, S, is coming for dinner tomorrow, so he will once again have all the wives in one place. We really do all get along well, and enjoy each other's company. Time will tell!


  1. Short comment for now. So there are 3 of you now, you, K, and S but S does not live there? I'm so glad you are more relaxed. If anybody deserves a break it is you. The house does seem very small so I hope it works out well or you find a bigger place. Still with K gone all day, it takes care of some of the crowding.
    I have looked a couple of places and have not found the proper hooks I need for my finch and humming bird feeders. Bummer.
    Ron is coming home tomorrow once again, who knows for how many days this time. I'm too tired to be exited. I'm not. I ought to feel guilty and don't. Oh well. Best to you.

    1. My heart goes out to you, BC. Caregiving can take everything out of you. You are in my thoughts.


  2. I'm starting to think you are a saint! lol Maybe I'm just envious that you all get along so well :) Envy is not a good thing so I will keep it in check.

    The way you write, using "we" referring to you and Bud, a lot, it seems that you are the primary wife, or the first wife. But then Bud has known K since being a teenager...
    I'm sorry if it seems I'm questioning too much, I just have a mind that likes to have order when I think of things, if you know what I mean. Organization would be a better term. I think that comes from working for someone for so many years that insisted on having, and updating frequently, an "organizational chart." B if I remember correctly is an old friend of K's, now a roommate?

    Very pretty photo at beginning of post, did you take that?

    1. I posted the "organizational chart" in a new post. I hope it helps to clear things up a bit...

      the pic on this post is the front of the porch. K painted that sun sculpture, and Bud bought the howling coyote scuplture sitting on the ground. Hard to tell, but that is hibiscus, columbine, and petunias. There are day lilies on either side of the porch. K and B said they get 6 feet tall! They are about 4 foot tall as I type this...


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