Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day in the Life...

We had a full day yesterday. Since it wasn't scorching hot by 9am, K and I went outside and did some yardwork. Bud had mowed the lawn the day before, and we wanted to tackle the flower beds. One side of the house had nothing planted (East side). It gets great morning light, but it is in the shade in the afternoon. We decided to divide the hostas and plant them along that side of the house.  The two existing hostas are (were) huge, so it was time to divide them anyway.  We also dug up some of the day lilies that had made there way to the front of the porch and transplanted them to the east side as well.

By dividing the hostas, we gave one of the hearty hibiscus room to grow. It was being crowded. It made it easier to weed as well.  We made a good team, and got a lot done while we were outside.  I jokingly told K she was Nature's Bitch, as she spent most of her time on her hands and knees weeding. We both laughed at that.  My one knee is so bad, it is hard to get back up anymore, so I did as much work as I could which didn't involve using my knees: deadheading flowering bushes, pulling off dead leaves, cleaning up the piles of weeds and putting them in the wheelbarrel, digging the holes and transplanting plants, etc.

We have been plans--just not the funds to bring them into fruition. Today we are going to dig up some cement patio stones, lay down gardener's fabric, then relay the stones and fill the cracks with pea gravel. We are getting tired of trying to keep it weeded. It will initially be a lot of work, but it will save us a lot of work in the long run.

Bud, K and I were out yesterday trying to drum up karaoke jobs--not easy in the summer, as most people are out on the lake and enjoying the great outdoors, not hanging out in bars. While we were out, one bar had a yard sale going on. K and I found the coolest piece--it is a rack that has oblong hanging wicker baskets. There are five tiers, and we both thought the same thing: how cool it would be outside as a planter! I am going to line each basket with gardener's fabric, and we will find some annuals to plant in each tier.  It will be mighty purty!

While we were out and about, S called and left a message on my phone stating she was lonely and would love a visit. I had called her early in the day to see if she was up to a visit, but got her answering machine. I figured she was out and about, so K and I tackled yardwork instead. She evidently had called back several times to K's phone while we were outside, and K never checked her phone before we left to go karaoke job hunting.

Of course we headed to S's as soon as we got the message.  She was kind of in a funk. I feel bad. I know she is envious that we are living with K right now, and that she doesn't get to see us every day. She is only about 20 miles away, but that is too far to go every day. K invited her to come out for supper tonight. I told K it was her baby this time, as I have been doing a lot of cooking and I felt like she needed to stretch her cooking muscles a bit.  K said she was nervous, because she isn't used to cooking for 5 people. She makes a mean pot of chili, though, and we have the fixings for a salad, so she will be just fine.

Bud and I are sitting in out on the front porch right now enjoying the hummingbirds and the early morning quiet, along with a cup o Joe. Life is good! LOL

I am excited to be working on my novel again.  K and S have not read what I have yet. I want to wait until it is complete before they read it. K, ever the diva, asked if she was in it. I told her honestly that she would find herself in several of the characters; I told S the same thing, though she would find more of herself in the next book (I have already determined that this will be a series of books, as the end of this one is really just the beginning of another story to tell). I am in there, Bud too.  ES is in the pages as well. I drew enough from my own real life experiences that it is more a work of factual fiction.  There is also some things that are obviously not true, but make for some interesting story none the less.

I am excited to be near the end of this particular novel.  I have noted on several poly boards that there are people out there looking for poly romance novels that aren't just under-delevoped erotica novels.  I think my novel fits the bill.  Yes, there is a lot of erotica in it, but it makes it more real--the sexual dynamic is part of a polygamous relationship. I will let everyone know when the book has been published!

Gotta get my butt dressed and ready to tackle to patio stones.  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Way to go, and way to make me feel like a slug. Last time I felt that way I bought the feeder and hummingbird feeder, now I guess I'll have to hang them! Just so I won't be a total nincompoop .
    My outside work today was late this evening when I hacked away a few long branches of a bush that suddenly were trying to block my doorway. Well, they were doing more than trying, I was brushing up against them to get inside. I seem to be sensitive to grass mites and try to staff off of it. Got a big itch on an ankle again a couple of days ago that told me I'd failed.
    Had to run out to the car last night or rather this am about 4am and Mikey came with me just as the sprinklers went off. He was on the grass, and was not pleased, poor pup. They do love getting dried off tho.

  2. Nothing like the sprinklers to wake you up! LOL It is getting too hot to do anything outside right now, so we have been working inside getting caught up on windows, dusting, and the like. In such a small house, a little clutter seems like a huge mess, so we have to make sure everything stays picked up and put away.

    K and I have been playing around with a virtual makeover sight. K did a virtual face lift, and eye lift, and looked about 12 years old! It was a lot of fun playing around with makeup and hairstyles.

  3. Got my hummingbird feeder hung. 1 thing done. Inside house=horror story. Ron's weekend cases for unpacking and packing again. 6 big plastic tubs of pills and puffers. I'm gonna have a pill and puffer party. Want to come? We could get high on this stuff I'm sure. Bring K. She'd look like a stoned 12 year old. jk

  4. YAY! Congrats on getting your hummingbird feeder up. It has been soooo flippin' hot, we haven't been working outside much. K is a compulsive cleaner--as in, I just dusted,and she is re-dusting 20 minutes later. With the house this small, we can't NOT stay on top of it.

    K suffers from COPD, so puffers are a part of her life. We already take so many pills between the three of us, it isn't funny. Heck, we will bring the wine and make a real party out of it! LOL

  5. HAY HAY HAY Hand raising in the air!!!

    Only a week or less and guess who was at the hummingbird feeder? I am so thrilled. I swear I haven't seen a hummingbird in the neighborhood at all so figured I might not have a scout for a month, maybe never. But there he was!! I'm so excited.

    And with both toilets totally plugged called a draincleaner who got here about 930 pm so back in business there too. Had called my sister and asked her if I couldn't get anybody could I crash on her trundle bed for the nite, and she says oh Bill isn't home and I'll have to talk it over with him.. I said no don't even ask. Got what a bitch I can't believe it. But the upside is a bird and a flush finally!!!

  6. Oh how I wish I lived nearby both of you!! Sister? bleh. Non-blood sisters can be so much better.


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