Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Faces with the Names

Here is a picture of K, S and I at my graduation party. K is in red, S is sitting next to her, and me and my three chins are behind them. I thought maybe putting faces with the initials I use in my posts would help. K is wife number one (common law, never legally married), S is wife number two (married on paper a year, then divorced), and of course, I am wife number 3. ES was wife number 4, and as I have posted, she and Bud did go get married at the courthouse, so they had a marriage on paper as well.

S is facing shoulder replacement surgery, and she is scared to death. K and I have both offered to assist her during her recovery, but she is embarrassed to be put in a position of needing help--that is just how she is. She is very independent and proud. Hopefully she will swallow her pride and let us help her while she recovers. She is such an enigma. As fiercely independent as she is, she is the one who finds communal living with K, Bud and I the most attractive. She is almost childlike when she talks about how wonderful having a sisterhood under one roof would be. She craves and repels physical intimacy at the same time. Like I said, an enigma.

K is very tactile and sexual.  I don't think she could ever commit to just one person--I think polyamory suits her just fine. I recently heard the term pansexual--yup, that's K. She just really, really enjoys sex irregardless of the gender or sexual orientations of her partners. She recently began exploring the poly sites, and a few nights ago, she says, "you know, we are pretty much a polygynous family..."  Any time I have talked about us being an unconventional poly family, she pretended she knew what I meant. I think she finally gets it!

We are all very different, but we oddly complement one another. Don't we look like gals you would want to be your friends?  :)


  1. How lovely to see you, all three of you! I'm impressed.
    Older and weiser you let us know who was "papered" and who wasn't except in your case. And now I'm dying to know. Do you have "papers"?

    I'm afraid S will have to learn to accept some help, and more as time goes on. As we get older we lose flexibility and then need help. I don't normally like to be touched much (some people are, I'm afraid to say I'm not one) but I learned through Ron that after awhile, fortunately, dignity flies out the window.

    Nothing was so bad as being a quad though. I had a friend who was a quad since age 2 and the process for dressing, going to bed, having a shower, and especially going to toilet was horrendous. I don't know how anyone tolerates it, but you have no choice. This friend worked, too, and paid for her own attendant. The state wouldn't help unless she quit work. Go figure. I thank God every day for many things, and not being in that condition is one of them.

    Well that was off topic. Except for the forget the dignity part. S, let others do a little something for you. It makes THEM feel better. You are depriving Bud, D, K of the opportunity to perform some good karma. It gives them pleasure.

    Thanks again so much for the picture.

    1. LOL Yes, I am papered. The only wife who never had a license was K, and that was more by her choice than for a lack of Bud asking.

      S and I took the last name Weiser (S has kept it, though she flirted with going back to her maiden name years ago. She decided she liked being a Weiser and having that connection, even though she was no longer legally married to Bud).

      ES never got around to changing her name. She had lots of opportunity, and I must admit, it was a sore spot with me.

      Bud always has addressed mail to K with the last name Weiser, though she has never actually legally been a Weiser. She likes her last name, mostly because it is a good name for a performer. Now if Bud had a more musical sounding name, she would have changed her name in a heartbeat! LOL

  2. I LOVE my wives!

  3. As you should!! They seem wonderful. You are a lucky, lucky man!!! Actually, you must be very special.

    D- thank you so much for the photo it's great :) And for all the explanation...thanks for sharing.


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