Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's the Little Things...

While I have been mourning the fact that one of the few bloggers I follow is not going to be blogging much any more, another, who stopped blogging back in December, resurrected her blog, and that made me very happy. She is such a fantastic writer--love her wit! I am glad she is back.

I also had a great dream last night involving a wonder home that we were looking to rent. The woman renting the place said we didn't have to pay rent for the next seven months, because the the previous tenants had paid that far ahead, and didn't leave a forwarding address for her to send the rebate check. The only condition she had was that we clean it before moving in. We took the tour of it, and wasn't too bad, just needed a good once over and the carpet cleaned. (For the record, Bud and I re-cleaned any apartment or home before we moved in, as you just never know...).

The cool thing was that the home was fully furnished, and not with cheapy furniture, either. It even had dishes, pots and pans, etc. The only thing we needed to move in was our clothing and personal items! It was so cool, too--it was actually a duplex, but instead of side by side it was front and back.  The front was empty, too, and my step-sister was going to move in to it with her daughter (in my dream, the rental was owned by a member of her church--that is how we found out about it). While the woman was giving Bud and I a tour of the back unit, her son was giving my step-sister a tour of the front half.

I felt bad, because our side overlooked a beautiful lake, and her side would face the road, but she told me not to worry, because she and the son really hit it off. Turns out they had dated on and off over the years, and were reconnecting.  He owned a huge house down on the lake, and he had invited her to come live with him, no strings. 

Our side was set up pretty cool. The entrance took you directly into the kitchen. Not the kitchen of my dreams, but it was as small as some of the kitchens we have had in the past.  Beyond the kitchen was the dining room and living rooms, with a staircase that went to the lower level.  At the back of the unit was a bedroom and a bathroom. The lower level was a finished walk-out style basement, and it was obvious it had only recently been remodeled. It had three bedrooms (fully furnished, one with bunk beds) that opened to a large family room. Off the family room was a well-appointed laundry room with a new washer and dryer. The family room had a slider that opened to a walk-out patio with patio furniture and a fire pit, and that view of the lake.

I woke up thinking, "I want that house"!  I am in such a good mood, feeling positive and hopeful. I had went to sleep feeling stuck and depressed (this house is sooooooo small, it feels like we are constantly on top of one another).

Maybe things are about to change for us...fingers crossed!


  1. I like your dreams. I don't remember any of mine right now, but I don't think they'd involve such a fine deal. Guess the expression "only in your dreams" comes from somewhere.

  2. Aha! Just thought of a dream. Several nights ago all the phones were ringing and once and I got up out of bed and took off down the hallway, cursing and saying they could all go to hell, I gotta go pee.
    I have fantastic bladder control, but then noticed that around 3-4 in the morning I have to go pee, or think I do, several times. Figured out it's from listening to Imus on radio or tv. They advertise some pill for men several times during that time that is for men's prostrate. The commercials all say the men don't have to run and pee anymore when they take the pill, and they go on and on about it. So that's where the dream came from, and it's where my feeling of having to pee when I don't comes from. Subliminal from the show. Hate to give up having that on because when I don't sleep and they get on a roll, they can be really funny, and I love the sports report. Well, the whole gang can be hysterical and rather listen than lay awake doing nothing. But the pill advert has got to go!

  3. LOL--funny story! I know a lot of our dreams come from cues in our lucid states. I will take snippets of the day to bed with me: something I heard on TV, something someone said in the line at the grocery store, something I saw on a billboard. My brain just takes it and runs with it!

    Good to hear from you! How are things going these days? When I don't hear from you, I always send out positive thoughts, as I fear it means you are having a rough go of it with hubby's health--or your own--or both.

    Last night, I dreamed I had painted everything white: walls, floors, furniture, appliances...if it wasn't moving, it got painted. I even painted the pictures on the wall white! Wonder what that was all about...

    Hope they change the commercial soon! ;)



  4. Now that's a dream to be analyzed. I could make up several scenarios as to what the painting everything white means. All of them off the cuff.
    Hubby is still not doing well but still home. Made a trip to ER recently, but at !:30 am I said I was tired and we could go home now. His chest pain obviously wasn't a heart attack. We went to the cardiologist in charge of his defibrillator who said he'll need a new battery implanted in a couple of months. We went to the eye doctor who finally rechecked for cataract surgery. He had missed all previous appts because he was in hospital. Anyway surgery is fine and dr also removed 2 growths near eye so now he has black eye. He does nothing at home. Says he can't breathe right. I get annoyed. Mikey jumped out of the car a few weeks ago and was taken to the pound the next day by a guy who was going out as I was going in. So I got him before he was even checked in. He was sore and had scrapes on paws and eye. I didn't even know he was gone for a couple of miles. He had to have climbed on top of the border collie and forced himself through the small amount the window was open. He is skinny so obviously he did it, but amazing. He jumped at a big regional park where he probably thought "DOG PARK I'LL JUST GET OUT NOW' Thankfully the guy took him home and kept him safe. I took him to the vet, where he objected to getting him temp taken. Told them to take it and put it up their own b__ts. He got eye cream and antibiotics which he just wouldn't swallow.

    I had a $1500 plumbing job here a few days ago and guys dug a trench. Dogs probably thought heck if I did that I'd be in trouble. Nice guys, and the dogs are used to people coming in and out of here all the time. The paramedics know their names and when they come down the street on other business they wave and call their names. A physical therapist always ends up in the house before we know he's here. We keep the front door open so it's ok. Anyway thanks for the concern. I'm so happy I got my little buddy back.

  5. So glad to hear you got your baby back! How sneeky he was to jump out--bet he doesn't do that again! He sounds like a spunky little fellow.

    We sure do get attached to our furry kids, don't we?



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