Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't wait to kiss 2010 goodbye...

Quite an optimistic title, eh? This year is ending with a kick in the pants: I was informed Monday that I would either need to resign, or that I would inevitably be terminated; I woke up Wednesday with what felt like a heart attack, but ended up opening a whole can of worms; my estranged sisterwife passed away on Wednesday night (yes, you read that right--sisterwife. Haven't you heard? It is all the rage!)

My head is about to frickin' explode. But strangely, I am not panicking. We have to be out of this house that we can no longer afford, as my income is the primary income. We will have to return our car to the dealership that financed us, as again, no money, no car payments. No where to go, no REAL plan in place. Shouldn't I be freaking out right now? I am eerily calm right now. The calm before the storm?

I had a blog with my sisterwife (the one that passed. Oh, did I mention I have two other sisterwives? no? oops. my bad...) called the Self Sustaining Kitchen. Neither of us have posted in it in over a year. When she passed, I thought I would go update everyone, but it has been so long, I can't get in to the account.

I am not sure what the nature of this blog is going to be...random musings? Sage advice? Pointless drivel? Who knows!

I know I will share pieces of myself. I write an eclectic mix of songs, poetry, erotica, and fiction. This may be the place where I "put it out there". It can float around as digital flotsam.

If I get visitors, cool! If not, maybe this will be some sort of time capsule to be discovered in the future.

It may take a while to build this blog, but it will be 100% me. Scary!

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