Monday, December 27, 2010

The Unemployment Office

The Unemployment System, in my estimations, was designed to cause normal, law-abiding citizens to either kill themselves or kill someone else. Either way, it is one less person to have to pay benefits to....

I have been trying to get registered for unemployment without success. I can't do it online, as I worked in another state within the last 18 months. Every time I call the automated system, I am told that the system is unavailable (only after entering a shit-load of info that of course is not saved).

I called at my allotted time this morning, only to hear that all lines were busy, good-bye. Of course, I had to listen to a two minute pre-recorded schpeel about extended benefits. Can't get the benefits if I can't get registered! THAT is their evil plan. Make it impossible to get registered in the first place, or as I stated above, make the average man snap from frustration.

I have never filed for unemployment before, so this is all new to me. I know back in the day, you had to go down to the unemployment office. Now they want to make sure you have as little human contact as possible--either go to the website or call the automated system.

This just throws my whole day off. I have a to do list, for cryin' out loud!

We also have to wash and clean out the car to return it. No money means no car payment, so sayonara car. We have to take the van to the Secretary of State to get the title and plates transferred. That is always a fun time...

And I can't procrastinate any longer. I have got to get my ass in gear and start bringing stuff up from the basement that is going in to storage and get the office boxed up. sigh. Fun times!

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