Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Morning After

Talk about getting nothing accomplished! Our dog, Ghost, was sick as a (forgive me) dog last night, puking and projectile shitting all night. Neither one of us got much sleep.

Bud did manage to go through several boxes of junk in the basement today in an attempt to weed out. I didn't do diddly but seal up a box of clothes.

My goal was to go through all the crap in the office and consolidate it to one small box. Not going to be a small undertaking. And not going to happen tonight. I have ZERO ambition.

We ended up taking a 4 hour nap, and I am still feeling lethargic. I had a weird-ass dream. Bare with me:

Bud blind-folded me, then inserted something phallic-like in me. He then asked me what color it was, and I guessed red. I then hear him talking to another person: "As I suspected, the female of the species has innate intuitive powers...." I realized that hubby was an alien and that he was doing experiments on me!

The dream isn't that out there, considering that I am certain that aliens regularly have performed experiments on me throughout my life....seriously! You may think I am a nut-job, but I cannot explain the weird stuff that has happened over the years. It seems the more logical explanation. I will share more on this in another post.

Sooooo, I blog to get this shit out. Lucky you! I am off to watch King of the Hill episodes on because that is at the top of the importance list:

  • watch King of the Hill

  • weed through possessions until we are down to what will fit in a van

  • find a job

  • find a place to live

  • have a major psychotic episode when I realize the magnitude of what we are about to undertake

Yep, I am right on track!

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