Sunday, January 16, 2011


I think that is how Bud is feeling right now. We are stuck in caregiver mode. I don't mean that to sound ungrateful. I am so thankful we have a roof over our heads. But the physical demands (not to mention the emotional ones) are starting to take their toll. Bud and I have both been having back issues, and I had a flair up tonight that almost had me begging Bud to take me to the ER.

I am afraid I am going to wake up one morning and not be able to get out of bed because any move will throw my back in to hellishly painful spasms. Bud has been on the heating pad a few times himself, and I am afraid he may end up flat on his back like the last time his back went out--that scares the b'jesuz out of me.

Bud was taking a nap today, and Mike needed to get on the crapper, so I got him on and Carol pulled his pants down for me. Carol can't lift, so I had to figure out how to wipe his behind without dropping him. I finally figured out how to do it, and got him back up. Carol was supposed to pull his drawers up, but she just could not get them up. I had to set him back down on the pot and rest my back, then try again. She got them up on the second try--well, kind of. I adjusted his pull up and jogging pants once I had him in bed.

The other part of feeling stuck is much more literal. We both need to get the hell out of the house without it being a trip to a doctor with either Mike or Carol, but we both worry about leaving Carol here alone with Mike for too long, as she can't really do much for him at this point other than put his pecker in the pisser--say that three times fast!

Bud is growing depressed and weary. I am just plum TIRED. I did manage to get all of my reading done for both classes, and got my assignments in on time. Phew!

The one plus has been getting to cook. I have really missed it! I made a quickie peach cobbler tonight (recipe to come), and tomorrow I am making lasagna...mmmmmmm!

I FINALLY managed to get my resume done using an online template service. Got it uploaded, but can't print it--Grrrrrrrrr!

At least it is warming up! :o)

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