Thursday, January 13, 2011

With a Capital "T"

Tired, that is. We carried Carol to Tuscaloosa yesterday to have her staples removed. Any trip to T-town is an all day event, as it is 45 miles one way. Plus we stopped for lunch afterwards. And we had to fill scripts. Long day. Then Carol gets a call today that Mike needs to go to Columbus stat to be checked, as his blood check yesterday was way too thin.

It is much harder to tote Mr. Mike, as he had a stroke and is dead weight. With my back, I was not much help today at all. Thank god for hubby. I could not have made either trip without him. I am trying to not let my back keep me from helping out, and I am trying not to be a big baby when it hurts.

Columbus is only 30 minutes from here. We left at 10:30am, and didn't get home until 3pm. The rest of the time was spent sitting and waiting. M had a blood drawn and a brief consult with the oncologist. Bud was awesome and went back with him. I sat in the waiting room, close to committing hare kare listening to the onslaught of negative news. There was absolutely nothing positive: housing crisis; social security crisis; floods and high death tolls in Brazil and Australia; pending food shortages due to said flooding; shooting in Tucson, AZ; pending nation-wide teacher's goes on and on ad naseum. Isn't there anything GOOD going on in the world, dammit? Sitting in a waiting room full of sick cancer patients, listening to that doom and gloom crap....

I am procrastinating doing my homework assignment. Statistics. YAWN! I reckon I best do it, though. Wishing I had more time to write...

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